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The Locomotive Magazine Souvenir

The 28 rare numbed souvenirs were issued between 1908 and 1922. No 21 is a 48 page printed booklet on art paper. The others consist entirely of large collotype prints of locomotives, rolling stock or trains; 23 x 15 cm in size, mounted onto a page of card 27 x 21 cm. These mounts contains the title and technical description and are printed on one side only. Souvenirs were supplied separately to the magazine, with the intention of being bound in with the magazines. The covers are soft card folded over and these are normally attached by a coloured cord which passes though 3 holes. The front contains the number, price and up to number 25 the date. The title is included and some have tipped in small collotype prints. Some such as 21, 22 and 23 have attractive designs printed on the cover. These souvenirs are completely separate to the locomotive magazine SUPPLEMENTS.

No's 25 to 28 issued in 1915, 16,17 and 22 respectively are very scarce, as only small numbers of each were printed due to paper shortages. Numbers 27,26 and 28 were issued in English, French and Spanish as the locomotives to which they referred were "international."

Souvenirs 1 and 3 were normally only supplied in the bound volumes for 1908 and 1909. Although a few separate covers were printed, these are extremely scarce.

We have used the BOOK DESCRIPTIONS to describe the content and the JACKET CONDITION to describe the covers. The soft card used for the covers means that very few survive without damage to the spine. Also they are larger than the content and therefore the edges are normally prone to chipping. The quality of the paper used for the collotype prints means that they are very rarely foxed. However the card mounts are of a poorer quality and are often foxed. Our collection of souvenirs are generally in excellent condition. We use 2 categories for content condition - EXCELLENT - excellent pictures with mounts in generally clean condition - VERY GOOD - prints in excellent order with mounts having foxing or other marks.

Jacket condition descriptions are: EXCELLENT - spines, covers and edges in very good clean condition without significant loss, tears or major chipping. VERY GOOD - some damage/repair to spine and / or more significant edge wear but still with generally clean covers - GOOD - Slightly lesser condition than the above.